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    Ruian Yurun Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in making honeycomb paper board production line, coating machine, laminating machine and other related equipment for 20years. We focus on non-standard machine research and development. Our aim is to provide more stable, splendid machine and more considerable service.
    Full automatic, high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation is principle to upgrade our machine. Our machine not only can solve previous problem, but also set to meet customer’s future demand on producing. 
    Yurun embraces the team sprit of preciseness, efficiency and collaboration, make innovations and progress continuously, and endeavors to develop into the most professional machinery in china. No matter how difficult it is, our professional technicians will always here for your back up...
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    Name: MR.liu
    Tel : +86-577-63709969
    Fax : +86-577-63709960
    Mobile : (销售)13806852722
    QQ: 1336495994
    Skype: emilydpan065
    E-mail: 1336495994@qq.com
    Add: Yucha Village Industrial Zone, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
    QQ: 1336495994
    skype: emilydpan065
    email: 1336495994@qq.com
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